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Covid, chi è Charity Dean, donna che ha previsto arrivo virus in Usa

Gov. USA, Dean of the Women’s Foundation, which can save the United States from the Corina virus

The deputy director of the California Department of Public Health understood the impact of the epidemic in January 2020. But he was not believed. This is revealed in the book “The Premonition” by the American writer Michael Lewis

He is the Foundation’s Dean, Disease Control Specialist and Assistant Director of the California Department of Public Health. His name has been in the headlines these days since the publication of the book “The Premonition” by American author Michael Lewis. A series of experts and scientists who have begun to talk about the dangers of Covit-19 have, for the past several months, said that according to Lewis, everything around it was the opposite, with the first alarm being sounded by Dr. Dean (Covid, all live updates).

Early suspects watching videos from Wuhan

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Kovid, WHO: “Wuhan 13 already in December 2019”

It was early January 2020 when Dean began to doubt the images coming from Wuhan, the epicenter of China’s epidemic. From what he saw on international rounds and on social media, it was clear that the authorities in Beijing knew something unknown to the rest of the world. “When I saw those videos of police locking up civilians in their homes – he explains – I immediately realized that there was something other than a simple virus. I had no other information, but I started thinking about the worst.”

Intuitive and far-sighted


Yusa Weekly News, The First Hundred Days of Joe Biden’s “President.”

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The expert’s intuition was to link the images he saw with the possibility that thousands of people had already flown to California. This means the virus was already circulating freely in its state. Of course nowhere else. In January, he thought there might already be a hundred untested cases of Govt-19 positive individuals. From that number, at 100, he began to make some calculations based on his experience and studies of disease control. What will happen in the coming weeks? What is the incubation time of the virus? By May, his plan is that half of California’s population, about 20 million, will be affected if there are no serious interventions to stop its circulation. Urgent measures were required. It is necessary to warn people.

Leaders’ warning and annoying response

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Kovit, Germany Ends restrictions on vaccinated people

But the teen boss’ response, after the initial shock, was not what she expected. “He was annoyed – the researcher reveals – that perhaps, as I believe, it is very difficult for the human brain to comprehend the rapid growth of pre-existing risk.” In short, he could not understand the real danger. They did not allow her to use the word “contagious” because she refused to do so. “They told me I could not because I would scare people. But that’s true. I was afraid to look at myself and I firmly believed that there should be citizens too, because only in this way can they protect themselves and avoid disaster,” he explained. , The story is as different as we know it.

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