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Luiss University Press, esce il libro

The Louis University Press published a book, “America for Us.”

ROME, April 28 (askanews) – A few days after US President Joe Biden’s announcements – during 160 years of diplomatic relations between Italy and the United States – reaffirmed how the two countries are “close friends and key allies”. On April 29, Louis University Press “America for Emms” journalist Mario de Bezo’s new book, The Story of Diplomatic Relations between Italy and the United States, was told by the voices of the protagonists of Italian politics. Introduction Paulo Messa. Five leaders of the council, three foreign ministers, a former ambassador and other witnesses this time describe the moments of crisis and diplomatic victories in the friendship between Italy and the United States. From the Croxie years, with the Ciconella and Gaddafi cases, to Kosovo’s intervention, rebuilt by Massimo de Alema, to the relationship between Bush and Berlusconi to the Caliphate case, he said in an exclusive interview with the wife of the Condமி agent. Until cooperation between the executives of Drake and Pitan. For us Mario de Pizo tells the story of the relationship between Italy and the American allies with the United States, sometimes a complex existence for our country, and at other times a strategy for priceless success. An alliance waiting to find its new balance of power must once again demonstrate the ability of the West to form a common front in the future. Tg1’s journalist Mario de Pisso follows the President’s activities in House and Parliamentary Political News. He co-authored with Luciano Violande the first of Politics (Rubetino, 2014).