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May 1, Supermarkets close in Tuscany.  Shops are open here - Chronicle

May 1, Supermarkets close in Tuscany. Shops are open here – Chronicle

Florence, April 28, 2021 – Supermarkets and shopping centers Tuscany They will all close on May 1st. This is foretold by an order of the region, which introduces specific rules for the day of celebration dedicated to the workers in the light of the Govt epidemic. The purpose is to avoid potential congestion

Therefore, on Saturday, all medium and large distribution centers will be closed, so all supermarket chains will reduce their closures, as well as many shopping centers in Tuscany. However, not all stores will be closed. In fact, an insult is foretold: The Pharmacy, The paraframacie, The Newspaper resale, In Tobagos And that Plants and flowers. Stores that need to be closed can deliver food and basic necessities to the home exclusively through online or phone booking. Booking is prohibited by going directly to the store.

Pubs, restaurants, etc. are constantly open, apparently all subject to the restrictions of the yellow zone: lunch and dinner are allowed in the restaurant, but only if there are outdoor spaces in the restaurant, as has been the case up to now. The boycott will continue. Neighborhood shops are also open. More open Bakeries, Bakeries, Pastry Shops, New Pasta Shops, Ice Cream Parlors. For the rest, the rules for the yellow zone in Tuscany will continue.

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