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The infection struck him directly…

The infection struck him directly…


Another bad case affects a member of the royal family, and she was taken to the hospital and it appears that the infection has infected her…

It seems that the royal family does not have peace: after the news that shocked the world about Kate Middleton's illness, here it is Terrible news again from the royal family.

She herself was hospitalized for a short period of time.infection Which immediately frightened the doctors. Obviously, the news has spread around the world.

It seems that this is a really difficult time for the nobles and that they cannot remain calm for a minute. The whole world is now shocked by the presence of the royal member Risky conditions.

All the people are worried about her and can't find peace. They would like to know more about the woman's condition, but unfortunately the family has managed to maintain a certain secrecy and reveal nothing, or almost nothing: This is what emerged from the latest exchanges with the hospital.

The royal family is on their knees

Unfortunately, infections need to be treated as quickly as possible and under certain conditions they can be cured Very dangerous. That's why the world was horrified when it learned of the woman's terrible infection: we didn't need another one, not now that the situation had become so delicate among the royals.

For days we have been wondering what is happening in the hospital, and whether and perhaps when the woman will be released from the hospital, but the newspapers are unable to delve into the matter. But now there are important innovations that can change things and provide an answer to people's doubts. The situation is far from simple and we must act carefully.

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Royal family
Sofia from

Women's conditions

The world remained in a state of suspense for a few days after it was discovered that Queen Sofia of Spain, wife of former Spanish King Juan Carlos, had entered a clinic in Madrid for surgery.Urinary tract infection. Followers of the Spanish royal family were immediately frightened, fearing the worst, but fortunately, King Felipe VI, the woman's son, reassured everyone by saying that his mother was fine and that she could not wait until she was discharged from the hospital.

The fear was understandable: this was the first time a woman had been hospitalized, and moreover, Kate Middleton had recently made terrible news to the whole world after being hospitalized. Fortunately, the situation is resolvable in this case, although it is clear that all necessary precautions must be taken considering the age of the woman. Now all that remained was to wait for the news of his return home to finally put his heart at ease.