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"The inevitable fall in open arms".  What can happen to Salvini now

“The inevitable fall in open arms”. What can happen to Salvini now

Will the end of Catania’s file have any effect on the open arms issue? To the lawyer Giulia Pongiarno It may be so, but only time will tell us the answer to a question that seems puzzling. At the Sicilian city’s preliminary hearing yesterday, Judge Gregory decided not to pursue Matteo Salvini, who is accused of hijacking the ship – according to the indictment – he would have delayed stopping the ship with 131 immigrants. But the GUP explained that he acted on the league leaderIn accordance with the rules of primary and secondary regulation prescribed in this case“And for this reason it can’t be”Accused of any conduct aimed at deporting immigrants for a legally appreciable period“.

Is the open arms process collapsing?

The result obviously made Caroccio happy, he is happy now, but already looking forward to the upcoming September 15th. Open arms. The NGO (along with 147 migrants rescued at sea) for stopping the Salvini abduction and denying official documents prevented them from stopping in Lampedusa and forcing the refugees to stay for several days on the island’s shores.

However, Catania’s Cup decision will have repercussions in this regard. This was supported by the lawyer of the Northern League leader, Giulia Pongiarno, according to the sentence. “They will inevitably Effects on the process Open arms case pending in PalermoThere is no doubt in the work of Matteo Salvini“.

Attorney Giulia Pongiarno firmly believes that the reasons for the Catania verdict are “They are clear in ensuring the full legitimacy and absolute correctness of the performance“Not only in the context of the landing of the then Interior Minister, Gregory, but also on immigration policy.”Carried out to protect the national public order, in full compliance with domestic and international law“In fact, with the broadest formula, the existence of the indictment hypothesis against Salvini has been ruled out, precisely because it has been analyzed.”Globally the Conte I government’s line to control migration flows reviews the many landings of migrants on our coasts“.

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