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The indictment in an open letter from the world of culture –

The indictment in an open letter from the world of culture –

From our correspondent
London – United Nations An indictment against the international left And his lack of sympathy for the Israeli victims: this is one thing An open letter signed by prominent cultural figuresEspecially from the Anglo-Saxon world – for the philosopher Michael Walzer For the writer Cynthia Ozickby the historian Simone Sebag Montefiore By the Israeli writer David Grossman.

Signatories of the letter They say they are “disgusted and saddened.” to Sudden lack of empathy By much of the global left for the innocent Israelis who were killed or kidnapped… For many leftists, this amounted to “resistance.”.

And thought cannot help but go to him Pro-Palestinian demonstrations Which was seen at Harvard University and other American universities, the stronghold of progressivism, not to mention the marches that crossed London chanting “Jihad” and “From the river to the sea, free Palestine,” which is an implicit call for the destruction of Israel. This is correct The Labor Party leadership was clear in its support for the Jewish stateBut at the party she feels a stomach ache.

Therefore, the authors of the letter, precisely because they recognize the “despair and horror” experienced by Palestinians inside and outside Gaza, state that “Jews deserve the same respect and the same level of compassion,” because “The victims in Israel were civilians.”.

The conclusion of the open letter is chilling, when we remember that those who support Hamas are falling into the “horrific tradition” of the massacre of innocent Jews that culminated inThe Holocaust, “the memory of which is disappearing day by day”:And “the events of October 7 confirm to what extent.”