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Giambruno Meloni?  “In Germany…”, the journalist spoils Lily Gruber’s plans

Giambruno Meloni? “In Germany…”, the journalist spoils Lily Gruber’s plans

Concerning Lilly Gruber, in Otto e mezzo, there is Giovanni di Lorenzo, a naturalized Italian German journalist and director of the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit. It is natural to talk about the situation in the Middle East. Israel has defined Hamas as neo-Nazi. Is this image correct? “I find this comparison very difficult. After the Holocaust there was the largest number of Jewish victims. They were killed by Hamas only because they were Jews,” the journalist says.

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But during the broadcast there was also talk of Giorgia Meloni breaking up with her partner Andrea Giambruno, which many left-wing commentators have insisted on for several days. Gruber is curious to know from the guest how the German media handled the story and how much space they gave the news. “Not much,” answers the director of Die Zeit, explaining how the German press covered the story in the news pages or among VIPs and celebrities. He himself admits that he wasn’t very interested in the show, so much so that he wondered if Giambruno was still hosting the TV show. Fortunately, a note arrived from Mediaset a few minutes ago announcing that the journalist would leave the management of Diario del giorno where he continues to take care of editorial coordination, which Gruber read live.

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