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The giant new continent "Amasia" within 300 million years - News

The giant new continent “Amasia” within 300 million years – News

The next giant continent that will change the face of the Earth, called “Amasia”, will be born within 300 million years of the union of America and Asia due to the closure of the oldest oceans, the Pacific Ocean: the crust under the newest oceans, such as the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, is actually thicker, stronger and less The possibility of drowning in the mantle of the earth. This is indicated by a simulation conducted using a supercomputer by researchers at Curtin University in Australia. Results published In the National Science Review.

“Over the past 2 billion years, Earth’s continents have collided to form a supercontinent every 600 million years: this means that the current continents should unite again in a few hundred million years,” explains the company’s first author. Chuan Huang.

The next stage in the so-called “supercontinent cycle” could be Amasia, the formation of which has already been predicted by other simulations published ten years ago in Nature by Yale researchers. According to new data obtained with the help of a supercomputer, the Pacific Ocean is destined to disappear, and not the Atlantic or Indian Ocean. Australia will also play an important role, first bumping into Eurasia and then connecting it with America once the Pacific closes in on itself. The process of ocean shrinkage that began in the time of the dinosaurs is still progressing several centimeters a year.

Study co-author Zheng-Xiang Li notes that “when Amasia forms, the Earth will be very different from what we know today.” “The sea level should be lower and the vast interior of the giant continent very barren with temperatures. The flights. daily high. The Earth is currently made up of seven continents with very different human ecosystems and cultures, so it is great to think about what they might look like the world in 200-300 million years.

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