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A checking account cannot be prevented: who can smile last

In many cases, the checking account can be blocked, but there are also cases when this action cannot be carried out: let’s see when the checking account is not closed.

A very useful tool for everyday life that has become practically indispensable, but it is also a set of personal data on which numerous checks are carried out: we are talking about Current account, identified by a specific code, IBAN.

Pay the bank account on

Savings are deposited in the current account, salaries are credited and profits are taken, therefore, in effect, the current account represents our deposit of money or part of it. For this Among the things that can be attached When taxes or tax bills are not paid. In these cases, tax authorities can apply what is called forced collection, an action that takes the form of stealing machinery, property, valuables, and even checking accounts.

Vital minimum: what are the cases in which it is not possible to close a current account

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However, in the case of employees and pensioners, the minimum vital rule applies: if the account contains a figure equal to three times the social allowance, the account cannot be blocked. How much is the amount of social allowances? Currently it is equal to 460.42 euros, so the non-blocking figure is equal to 1,381.26 euros. A foreclosure is triggered only when the funds deposit exceeds this amount. After this limit, the tax authorities will be able to confiscate the surplus, leaving Minimum Vitality.

The Duplicate assistance decree An important novelty was introduced on foreclosure limits for retirees, raising the limit from 750 euros to 1,000 euros. Unlike employees, in fact, the vital minimum for pensioners is 1.5 times the social allowance.

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It should also be considered as a modern sentence of denunciation which proves that Mortgage on the current account It cannot be performed even for the self-employed and for the self-employed. New changes have also been made regarding the amount: while a figure has already been set for retirees and workers, in this case it will be up to the independent professional to determine the appropriate amount that should be considered the vital minimum.

Of course, a freelance or self-employed worker can be a suggestion, but it is up to the judge to have the final say: the judge will decide what the vital minimum is based on income and financial situation according to Documents provided by the freelancer or the self-employed for which the reservation of the current account is envisaged.