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Esport, in Italy we start investing in yards

For the rest there are no permanent structures and this is the problem: There are no spaces capable of exploiting the phenomenon on an important scale. However, apart from the two places already mentioned, there are other specific places salt because or esports bar. At WeArena in Ferrara, which is open to the public and also the home of the Spal eSports team, there are many other activities such as spaces for augmented and virtual reality, edutainment and socializing. The Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella group plans to open other companies in the next two years, even more than one in cities like Rome and Milan, and it also has plans for foreign countries “For a total of 15 openings by 2026explains wired CEO and Co-Founder Francesco Monastero. For example, a 7,000 square meter stadium will be constructed within the JVillage village of Continassa, in the Juventus Sports Center with which the contract has been signed, and a smaller one in the Dacia Arena in Udine thanks to an agreement with Udinese.

What is Lan Spaces and eSports Bar

The facts that actually exist are very different from what we see in Southeast Asia. Domestic halls or export bars do not win, in essence, from competitions but with Catering. Hubs or other gaming roles of various organizations operating in this sector, on a competitive and entrepreneurial level, for example Esports Palace in BergamoBorn from the finances of AK Informatica and in a joint venture with other players such as MSI in minority stakes, it was born in 2019 as the headquarters of the Italian division of Team Morning Stars (formerly Samsung Morning Stars) that brought together talent from different parts in a physical location as a guest house in the world But that was not the hoped-for success. Today it is home to the Atalanta Export Team and is open to the public but only with stations, computers and simulators for hire, i.e. no arena space for competitions and the public. Other examples are qlash housea media center and headquarters of the most important Italian organization of Luca Pagano, a former poker star, but not open to the public, and Makers . gaming house Powered by Mercedes-Benz, it opened in Rome in September as McKers, the second most important company in Italy, is growing its competitive mission, as well as training and educating its talent. This is also not available to the public.

Francesco Monastero, CEO and Co-founder of WeArena

Movie theaters empty, esports arenas full?

However, movie theaters are empty and emptied of stream: why should the esports arenas that young people follow especially on Twitch, Discord, and similar platforms be filled with? “New generations no longer go to the cinema because today they have a much faster, faster and more comfortable tool: the streaming platform. However, arenas differ from cinemas for one key factor: the cinema is not a meeting place that can serve as a meeting place for a community belonging to the new generations, and this is what is happening instead in the arenas of games and esports – Monastero, who leads the group with Gian Gerardo Abril – explains. The yards today are the place to attract this generation of kids who are accustomed and some are still used to. To play closed in their own rooms: I am able to bring this community From online to offline, even socializing and fraternizing with people who share the same feelings. In this sense, cinema is a form of entertainment in which the individual enjoys. So far, however, the video games that work best are multiplayer And that of the team. The squares thus became the iconic and interactive venue, dedicated to sharing the passion for all new generations“.

Football model and some examples

Those who invest in us hope that in the future, with proper proportions in mind, Something similar to the network of stadiums and football structures may flourish. We are not talking about tens of thousands of spectators but perhaps hundreds or thousands of spectators, in any case, according to a formalism of this kind from which something similar, similar but with its own characteristics of the audience and activities, can be built. “Today we are witnessing a fast and strong growth in the e-sports sector, also witnessed by companies that approach this world, fascinated and attractive by its development and specifically the young user base. Follows the co-founder of WeArena, who is also the organizer and partner of the virtual football leagues for League B (at eFootbal) and Lega Pro (su FIFA) – The hope and confidence we place in the e-sports sector is that in the coming years It can follow the football modelJoin him and learn from his path and history: a true form of entertainment capable of bringing people together around shared feelings and values.“.

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