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The discovery removes any doubt

The discovery removes any doubt

What is a typical Neanderthal family? Finally, science gives us an answer. This discovery will remove all doubts.

Recreation of Neanderthal Man – Credits:

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As we know, thehuman being It wasn’t like what we’re used to seeing today. To reach our species, man had to go through a lot stages of development that almost started 4.4 million years ago.

a’has evolved Which took millions of years to reach humans today, and which saw many characteristics change that made animals slowly classify them as humans.

The The first stage human evolution wasAustralopithecus ramidusbipedal with teeth and a still primitive skull that made him look more like an ape than a human.

Phase Homo abelisWhich is characterized by a larger brain, smaller teeth and language for the first time. Then we moved toHomo erectus Which, in fact, was equipped with a more powerful skeleton, to then reachsane man Specifically Neanderthalsa species related to Homo sapiens.

Today we want to focus on the latter, as a recent discovery has revealed many of the characteristics of this human, and finally revealed how he was Neanderthal type family.

What was the Neanderthal type family like: the study by the research team at Svante Pääbo

Scientists discover Neanderthals
Nobel laureate Svante Papu – Instagram photo

The winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine has recently been announced, i.e. Svante Babu, Who was considered a pioneer in ancient genetics.

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The Nobel prize Together with his research team from Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropologists in Leipzigconducted a study that led him to the reconstruction of the entire The genetic heritage of Neanderthals.

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Plus one discovery Link within Eurasian men and theNeanderthal manFor, the world was able to rebuild typical family from this human being.

Neanderthals, originally from Siberia, had relationships within what we can define true society. Some groups lived in two caves About Siberia 54,000 years agothe caves in which they left traces that are crucial to reconstructing their history.

They were found Tools And the bone fragments Which made scientists understand how Neanderthals mainly hunted caribou and bison that were found along the rivers in the region.

By studying the remains in these caves, they were able to identify them well 13 people, including 8 adults – male and female – and 5 children. By studying mitochondrial DNA, the relationships that exist between these samples were discovered.

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Many of them were the father And the girlso that others Cousins And the grandparents. In short, Neanderthals lived in a real family society and, unlike many other animals, did not leave the family after a certain age.