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The days of the African heat will be numbered, and the change of season is closer than ever! [Mappe]

The days of the African heat will be numbered, and the change of season is closer than ever! [Mappe]

Is autumn coming? Now there is a date!

But wasn’t it supposed to be an endless summer? Well, the latest updates have changed things, so there might be a downtime sooner than expected.
Indeed, in the next few days, the intense African heat will loosen its grip, and there is also a date set for the season’s first real turning point.

While the African High Pressure still continues to spread heat over much of Italy, major maneuvers are taking place not far from our country which will affect the weather and climate in the next few days.
at present,Anticyclone Its convection is still surrounding all of the central and southern regions, while to the north it is surrounded by cooler and wetter flow, driven by a trough close to the Iberian Peninsula which in turn is part of a deep cyclonic vortex located soon south of Iceland.
For this reason at least Until Thursday, September 21 We expect Italy to be divided into two parts: it is still hot in the south and in part of the centre, while in the north temperatures will begin to drop by a few degrees under the influence of an unstable and sometimes volatile climate context.
In this regard, the map we propose below illustrates Extreme temperatures Scheduled for Thursday 21 September: In the colored areas in Dark red And dark pink You will be able to touch the peaks around AI 35/36°C Or even beyond that.

Maximum temperatures expected on Thursday, September 21
Instead, keep your eyes on what happens next Friday 22 Septemberwhen the weather worsens due to the arrival of a cyclonic vortex over Italy in the center and during the weekend also in the south.
As shown in the second map below, referring to Sunday 24 Septemberthe Temperatures It will also decrease by several degrees with values ​​that will return to taking features that certainly correspond to the calendar and thus Pure autumn style. Notice how the color prevails orange Over a large portion of the country, showing close values 20°C.
Maximum values ​​expected for Sunday, September 24
Are we definitely entering the fall? According to the calendar, yes, but there is still a little uncertainty about next week: according to some accounting centers, it is not unlikely that temperatures will recover a few points, at least in the center and the north, due to the anticyclonic rise. In the Mediterranean Sea.
But we’ll keep you posted on that.

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