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Prescription and waiting period: Booking for a maximum of 3 days if the doctor enters this message

Prescription and waiting period: Booking for a maximum of 3 days if the doctor enters this message

The prescription includes many useful information for the patient and the company providing the service.

Among the information contained in the so-called “red recipe” we also find waiting times, but they are characterized by a specific abbreviation. The abbreviation represents the decision of the physician who prescribed a specific examination/visit/hospitalization as to when it should be performed.

To know the timing of the service we must look carefully at the prescription –

As we know, through the NHS, National Health ServiceCitizens can obtain it Diagnostic tests, specialist visits, hospitalization for further investigations and/or interventions and other types of treatment health care.

However, sometimes, misunderstanding can occur, due to… A visit or other service may be available later. This is clearly not good for the patient’s health.

How wait times work and what to check in your prescription

When a citizen needs to book a test, they go to a doctor and then to CUP, either online or at approved facilities.

Generally It is the operator that lists the available datesUnfortunately, in Italy, the long wait for patients is known. However, in some cases, you cannot wait that longBecause a visit postponed for a long time may not allow timely diagnosis and thus the citizen literally risks his health.

For this reason, there is a national plan in this regard, agreed upon between the government and local authorities, to ensure the provision of useful services to citizens and in the appropriate time frames.. Priorities are determined through specific abbreviations that the family doctor places on the prescription, in order to provide his client with the necessary service to protect his health.

Your reservation will be guaranteed quicklySo if you find some of the following letters in the box designated for abbreviations for waiting times:

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