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The best-selling SUV in Europe.  Here’s why and why

The best-selling SUV in Europe. Here’s why and why

Ford Kuga is built on the technological platform of the Focus sedan, using its advanced structural and technological features. The design of the car is characterized by its curvy and sporty lines, which reflect the aesthetics of the latest cars of the American brand. Among the notable details, the headlights are positioned higher than the front grille, giving a unique look.

The side has a slight curvature, while the base of the windows slopes towards the rear, adding a dynamic touch to the vehicle’s profile. The excessive front end was criticized from a design point of view, which could be seen as the car’s weak point. Come on, let’s see if:

  • Why you love the 2023 Ford Kuga so much
  • Many strengths of Ford Kuga 2023

Why you love the 2023 Ford Kuga so much

Ford Kuga 2023, The best-selling hybrid SUV in EuropeWith a 2.5L system it represents a compelling choice in terms of value for money, performance, energy efficiency and driving comfort. The automatic gearbox provides remarkable fluidity and smoothness. It comes with an extension Updated version Which we recommend, especially since it’s also available with 4×4. However, the 1.5-liter diesel engine is only recommended for long trips on the highways.

cockpit from Ford Kuga 2023 progressSpacious and bright. The instrument panel with a classic design is characterized by the use of high-quality materials, except for the hard and thin plastics in the front passenger compartment. The trunk is very practical thanks to the sliding and reclining sofa, which guarantees high comfort during travel. The engine range, available in both hybrid and diesel versions with mild hybrid technology, delivers thrust adapted to the vehicle type and low fuel consumption.

All engines are paired with an automatic gearbox, which can be easily managed via an ergonomic handle. In particular, the 2.5-liter plug-in hybrid version allows you to travel more than 60 kilometers in all-electric mode after fully charging the battery, which takes about seven and a half hours using a household outlet.

related to the pricesFor the basic versions of the respective powertrains, the costs are as follows: 1.5 EcoBoost ST-Line petrol at 35,750 euros, 2.5 FHEV ST-Line CVT full hybrid at 38,500 euros, 2.5 PHEV ST-Line CVT plug-in hybrid at 44,500 euros, Automatic diesel 2.0 EcoBlue ST-Line, priced at 39,500 euros.

Many strengths of Ford Kuga 2023

L’Inside the Ford Kuga It offers ample space and great brightness, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for the rear passengers as well. The crossover is designed to provide a high level of sound insulation and a good ability to absorb road irregularities, thereby improving overall driving comfort.

All the Available variants of the Ford Kuga They have low fuel consumption, as the diesel engine is preferred for long trips on the highway, while the hybrid versions are more suitable for use in urban areas and beyond.

In some areas of the passenger compartment from Ford Kuga, such as the base of the doors, we can see the quality of the plastic is not up to the general standards. During high rpm, the four-cylinder engine can get noisy, causing some discomfort inside the cabin. Thick roof pillars can limit visibility, especially when cornering and maneuvering. Close to the windshield, visibility may be impaired when cornering.

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