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The basic psychologist also arrives in Italy: how to order him and what requirements

The basic psychologist also arrives in Italy: how to order him and what requirements

In these times, awareness of the importance of mental health is increasing more and more. That's why the primary psychologist comes in.

Raising awareness of the importance of mental health Italy is going through a historic transformation. In fact, the introduction of basic psychology arrives. Many have recognized the importance of psychological support, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. This has led the community to demand immediate and convenient access to high-quality treatment services.

Good news for mental health, the primary psychologist will be there –

Currently, although there is no specific law to regulate this number, there are important developments taking shape at the national and regional levels. The House of Representatives Social Affairs Committee took a decisive step in November 2023. It adopted the text “Establishing a Primary Care Psychology Service within the National Health Service”.

This document lays the foundation for integrating psychological assistance into the country's health services network. According to the text, the primary psychiatrist will have the task of ensuring the first level of psychological intervention, with rapid treatment of the patient and a complementary activity to other health and social health services.

How it works

The primary psychiatrist will therefore be the first point of access for those seeking psychological support, acting as a mental health first aid. The vision of the document is to recognize the importance of mental health care as an integral part of overall well-being. is expected There is a primary care psychiatrist for every 4-7 general practitioners Or pediatricians with free choice in each health area. This would promote a more integrated and sensitive approach to different individual needs.

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This number is the first step towards helping the mental health of citizens –

The Italian regions are embracing this new trend in an important way. there Lombardy recently approved a law Which governs the establishment and introduction of psychology into primary care. This represents an important step towards a more comprehensive health care system. Although the practical details are still being worked out, the law's passage paves the way for a future in which psychology is an integral part of basic services.

CampaniaHowever, he showed an authentic pioneering spirit by becoming The first Italian region to officially introduce the Personality of Primary Psychologist. Thanks to the regional law of August 3, 2020 n. The region, which has been in operation since 2023, marked a historic moment in healthcare, providing a role model for the rest of the country.

Tuscany begins experimenting The approval of two regional decisions paves the way for many professionals to provide psychological support directly within community homes. This initiative highlights the innovative and comprehensive approach that many regions are taking to meet growing mental health needs.

In conclusion, Italy's primary psychologist has become a tangible realityWhich holds the promise of easier and more immediate access to basic psychological services. This change represents an important step towards transforming the approach to mental health, recognizing its importance as an essential part of the overall well-being of Italian citizens.