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7-Day Weather Forecast: February is starting out as bad as can be, but here's the news

7-Day Weather Forecast: February is starting out as bad as can be, but here's the news

The last month of the climatic winter has begun, as February opens with the usual anticyclone covering much of central-western Europe, including Italy. Even in the next few days, there will be no major changes, with the high pressure effectively freezing between Spain and Italy, bringing stability and even another increase in temperatures.

The moderation is expected to reach its peak between February 4 and 6, when we will reach 20-22 degrees Celsius along the Adriatic Sea regions, in the south and on the main islands. Fortunately, this will be the final chapter of this anticyclone, which will gradually weaken from February 7 thanks to the entry of turbulent fronts from the Atlantic Ocean.

The first front is expected Between February 7 and 8It will bring weak or moderate rain along the Tyrrhenian regions. Nothing exceptional, but it will only be in the presence of bad weather conditions expected starting from February 10, which we will talk about in the upcoming editorials.

But let's get into the details and see what awaits us day after day:

Friday, February 2: Candlemas is once again accompanied by good weather throughout Italy. New flurries in the south, with some moderate mistral flurries in Apulia.

Saturday 3 February: Few differences, and broad stability from north to south. Constant temperatures.

Sunday 4 February:An anticyclone across Italy, temperatures are rising slightly.

Monday 5 February: Some differences, anticyclones are still prevalent in Italy. Temperatures are rising everywhere.

Tuesday 6 February: A weaker anticyclone, but the sky remains clear in many areas. Low clouds increasing over the Tyrrhenian Sea. Temperatures rise on the Adriatic side with peaks reaching 20°C.

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Wednesday 7 February: Weaken the high pressure. Possibility of some rain returning in Liguria and Tuscany. Increasing clouds.

Thursday 8 FebruaryRain returns to the Tyrrhenian regions, a rapid Atlantic disturbance moves from west to east. Temperatures generally drop.

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