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The application arrives that you do not expect

The application arrives that you do not expect

In the following lines, we will help you discover the appropriate application that you can use to edit your photos quickly and easily directly from your phone. Here's everything you need to know and how to achieve truly excellent results in this regard.

Edit photos on your phone It may seem complicated to those who are not familiar with technology, but in reality it is not complicated at all. In fact there are many program It is able to give you amazing results, giving your photos better quality.

Many people want simple solutions to make their photos more attractive to display on social media or on WhatsApp to their contacts. For example, the desire to share different aspects of one's life assumes that the contents to be displayed will be of high quality and attractive to one's followers.

However, other times, you will also want to Customize and edit a beautiful photo To keep them jealously hidden inside your device or to print later.

In the following text we want you to discover comfort The application is owned by Google Which will allow you to edit images quickly and easily. In fact, Google is always ready to provide and guarantee its users many advanced features and services in all fields.

Google application that allows you to edit photos on your phone

The Mountain View giant is always keen to make things simple for all the users who use all the various features on a daily basis. A very important service that the company guarantees is the application Google images. It is a personal gallery to list all your photos and videos from Google Drive or from any device.

Using Google Photos you can edit photos this way (

One important aspect that needs to be emphasized is that this application is able to support all major formats of images and videos.

However, as we already announced, we don't want to talk generally about Google Photos, we want to let you discover them How to edit photos in a simple and practical way on this application directly from your smartphone. Here is the procedure that should be put into practice.

The procedure for making changes

Google images It allows you to keep your photos and organize them as best as possible within the app. But one of its functions is also related to simplicity release Of these contents. You will be able to crop the image, resize it and add some filters according to your needs.

It will be enough Tap the photo you want to edit and tap the pencil icon. Once you do this step, you will see that at the bottom of the screen there will be three icons. They will indicate the edit, image and crop.

You can change the light, sharpness, color, add a filter, crop and rotate the image. Everything in a simple and intuitive way.

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