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From Friday the 19th everything will change!  Rain and snow especially at very low altitudes, affected areas

From Friday the 19th everything will change! Rain and snow especially at very low altitudes, affected areas

Last rain, then cold and snow

Everything changes on the weather-climate front in a matter of hours. After the last showers on Thursday 18th, severe cold and snow will return to very low elevations from Friday.

However, our focus remains Friday 19 January Since when Russia Increasingly colder air will arrive, the impact of which will be felt not only on the meteorological front, but above all on the climate front. The temperature will drop dramatically.
On Friday It will be a day characterized by a quick spell of bad weather.
From the northern regions, we expect Fortification of Bora in North East, the weather will deteriorate with cloudy skies and scattered light rain. From afternoon onwards, it gets worse LombardyWith rain and snow in the mountains. Snow at lower altitudes Coming soon Emilia Romagna, and was attacked by Bora. In the evening, increasing clouds in the northwest, with some snow above 300 meters.
Caution: Don't underestimate the unpredictability of cold air that can bring sudden snowfall at very low elevations in various parts of the Northeast.

Seen in the diagram below Blue 5 to 15 mm of rain is expected verde With rainfall accumulation of up to 40mm Pink color The Snow accumulations.

Rain and snow forecast for Friday, January 19
As the hours go by, the weather picture also worsens, with the cold air center of Gregale replacing the air of Libeggio. After a morning it will pass with little or patchy cloud, rapidly deteriorating from the afternoon Marche On the contrary Umbria, Tuscany and, in the evening/night, in other areas, Sardinia included. In addition the rainThe Neve It descends to a mountainous height.

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However, in the south, cold air will start to be felt only at the end of the day, especially between evening and night, with the arrival of widespread rain. Snow at lower altitudes.

In short, In the space of a few hours, we can go from springtime uncertainty to typically wintery weather..