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The 10 most beautiful beaches in Greece – Mare e Monti


Between the islands and mainland offers Greece beaches Beautiful, which invites you to plunge into a clear sea, with Caribbean colors. There is something for all tastes: sandy, gravel, among the rocks, creative and inaccessible. Help yourself ten between the beaches The most beautiful in the country.

Palos Lagoon, on Crete’s Gramvousa peninsula, can be reached by following a bumpy dirt track or by setting off from the port of Kastili or Kissamos. It is a suggestive lagoon of fine white sand with very shallow and clear waters; Behind it is Mount Gyroskinos while before it stands the picturesque island of Gramvousa, dominated by a Venetian fortress. Access on foot takes some effort but the view from the top is incomparable; Those arriving by sea using boats should know that they only have two hours at their disposal to swim and enjoy the beach; Otherwise, it is better to rent a private boat.

Vkestra It is a beach in Thessaly, in mainland Greece. It is tiring to reach but the long journey pays off with a magnificent panorama and a wild beach of coarse sand mixed with pebbles, lapped by a crystalline sea of ​​a thousand shades. On the northern slope there are two historical caves: Panagia Megalomata, rich in stalactites, and, at a height of a few meters, Krivo Šulio, the site of an illegal school during the Turkish occupation.

Myrtos It is the most famous and photographed beach of Kefalonia and is stunning with a grandiose amphitheater of sheer rocks that surrounds it. White pebbles and talcum stone give the water pearl reflections: the chromatic effect from above is really amazing. Paradise Bay is located in the northern part of Kefalonia, just 3 kilometers from Divarata, and to reach it you have to travel a road full of curves. At sunset, it offers a unique experience and a breathtaking view.

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Navajo It’s the iconic shipwreck beach on the west coast of Zakynthos: beautiful and so suggestive, it’s undoubtedly the most photographed in Greece. However, it is only accessible by boat from Ágios Nikólaos, and there is often a queue to get off and swim. But these inconveniences do not affect the beauty of the beach, which is marked by a shipwreck lying on the white sand. The lido is surrounded by high rock walls whose sheen, along with some sulfuric thermal springs, gives them a unique color from pale blue to turquoise and electric blue.

Porto Katzeki It is the most beautiful and amazing beach in thefkada, on the impregnable west coast of the Ionian island, and is situated where the cliff falls into the sea. A long staircase descends to the beach, which is a 600-metre strip of ultra-white sand. Behind the rocks, caves and sea valleys keep sailors and navigators from passing through. The beach, which is very crowded in the summer months, can be reached by sea, from the port thefkas.

The Caribbean Sea, wrapped in crystalline sea, beach Fatumi Ranges between the More beautiful than Andipaxí, a small island in front of the more famous and well-equipped Paxí. The Lido can be reached by sea and has a tavern where you can have lunch and enjoy an excellent view of the promontory. From here, by hiring a small boat, it is possible to sail along the coast, dive or snorkel and discover many other small paradises like this one, even more quiet and secluded.

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St. Paul’s Bay, on the east coast of Rhodes, is a sight for sailing enthusiasts and the most pristine of the seas: it is a small cove surrounded by rocks where the water is shallow and emerald colour. The ideal is to arrive by boat and swim away from the shore because in the summer the bay is always very crowded. For those who are passionate about archeology, a trip to the Acropolis above the coast is recommended.

Milos, the island of Venus in the Cyclades, can’t fail to have a beautiful beach, with piles of white rocks in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. he is called Kleftico It can only be reached by boat, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the sea and visit caves and rocky valleys; However, only canoes can pass between some of the white stone arches. the Rocks hide blindingly small beaches of very fine sand, secluded and unspoiled.

On the eastern side of Andros lies the stunning beach of Bidima tis gryas, which in Greek means “old woman’s leap”: here the sand is very soft and the clear water beckons you to dive. The beach is marked by enormous rocks that appear in front of the sea and which recall the story of an old woman who betrayed the locals by letting the Turks enter the castle and who, out of great remorse, threw herself into the sea from the high rock and turned into stone.

shore ColonnaOn the island of KythnosAnd It is a strip of fine golden sand that connects the island with little Agios Loukas. Surrounded by gentle barren cliffs, Lido is surrounded on both sides by a crystalline sea: it can be reached by boat from Merihas, the main port of the island, or by foot, a long journey.

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