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Papa Francesco davanti a una copia del quadro "La Madonna che scioglie i nodi"

In 1986, the Jesuit Bergoglio “hit” Madonna, who broke the contract

Pope Francis in front of a copy of the painting “The Madonna Without a Contract” – Ansa

That was in March 1986 When, during a study trip in Germany From the forty-nine-year-old Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio, The first direct contact occurred between the future pope and the plate “Madonna who breaks out of a contract.” The origin of this painting can still be found today in St. Peter’s Jesuit Church in Augsburg, Bavaria. The religious – who in that year was destined to live in Germany by his Argentinian presidents to complete his (never completed) doctoral thesis on the philosopher Romano Guardini – He was traveling by train between Munich and Augusta to “stop in prayer” in front of Marian’s painting. A turning point in the educational path of Bergoglio, then a student at the prestigious University of Jesus Society, Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt

Pope Francis in front of a copy of the painting

Pope Francis in front of a copy of the painting “The Madonna Without a Contract” – Ansa

In fact, Mary is depicted in the painting tying a ribbon knot presented to her by an angel and received by another angel without a necklace. The meaning is transparent. Knots are everything that complicates life, difficulties and sins. And it is Mary who helps untie them. In the opinion of Bergoglio’s teacher of theological training, Juan Carlos Scanoni (1931-2019) The “Madonna Breaking the Knot” case helps a deep understanding of the pastoral image of Pope Francis and his keen interest in “the people of God.” “I had never felt like that time a machine in the hand of God,” was the confidence he expressed after meeting that fresco of his Jesuit brother and disciple through the training of the biblical father Fernando Albestore.

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Thanks to a short stay but Providence in Germany in 1986, Father Pergolio inadvertently gave birth to a new Marian devotion in Argentina. In fact, he brought with him a slew of postcards bearing “Madonna’s Unconnected Knot.” One of these postcards was given to an artist who reproduced the image of Marianne and presented it to a very popular parish. Agricultural Engineering District, In the center of Buenos Aires. The image of Mary, present in the church, attracted an increasing number of congregants, sinners and converts to Christianity, and showed an unexpected growth in religious practice. Many years later, as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio allowed the reproduction of the Marian icon to be placed in the central church of the Argentine capital, San Jose del Talar. And here, on December 8, 2011, an official mass was held, declaring this new place of worship of the Marian Church “the shrine of the Lady who is not tied with knots”.