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That's why Jorge Lorenzo wore a purple helmet... and he wasn't on a motorcycle

That’s why Jorge Lorenzo wore a purple helmet… and he wasn’t on a motorcycle

Prima Ascicurazioni’s sponsorship reflects its values: innovation, design and continuous growth. Prima’s sporting spirit can be found in the sponsorship of rally driver Rachel Somachini, Jorge Lorenzo, who is still on the track on four wheels, and the Prima Pramac Racing MotoGP team.

An insurance agency with a sports heart

first insurance The technology company that has revolutionized the insurance sector: operating since 2015 specializing in car, home and family policies, it currently has more than 2.5 million clients in Italy and is ready to launch in Spain, the UK and the Netherlands.

Innovation, technology, attention to design and concern for customers. Not only that: Prima has an adrenaline-pumping spirit and an athletic heart, and she also puts it in the field with her motorsport sponsorship.

MotoGP and Prima Pramac Racing

Pramac Racing Team He was the protagonist as the best independent team in the 2021 MotoGP Championship. The Pramac team’s track, as of this year, goes beyond the Prima track: the technology company will be the main sponsor in the 2022, 2023 and 2024 tournaments, for the team named after him by Prima Pramac Racing.

Prima and Pramac are realities based on innovation, technology and teamwork, three values ​​that are reflected in the identity of the new MotoGP team. The Ducati Desmosidesi livery is dominated by a fusion of colors, purple and red, which also distinguishes the suits and helmets of the riders, Johann Zarco and Jorge Martin.

Rachel Somachini and Cystic Fibrosis

Prima is the official sponsor of rally driver Rachel Somachini, the 2022 European Championship champion aboard the Citroën C3 Rally 2. The sponsorship has reached its second year in a row, primarily driven by Rachel’s stubborn and assertive personality, which is in harmony with the tenacious and resolute spirit of the technology company.

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Rachel, who has suffered from cystic fibrosis since birth, is also the promoter of the #CorsaPerUnRespiro initiative through her personal website: a way to raise awareness of the disease, through her passion for racing and motors.

“It is a very important goal for me: to renew cooperation with such a prestigious partner as Prima Ascicurazioni, in order to deliver high performance with maximum commitment and enthusiasm” – Rachele Somaschini

Jorge Lorenzo and all-purple helmet

The 2022 Porsche Carrera Italia Cup had an exceptional participant: Jorge Lorenzo, the Spanish jockey who won five World Championship titles. Lorenzo, aboard the 911 GT3 Cup for Team Q8 Hi Perform, wears a helmet in typical Prima colours, designed for the occasion.

After retiring from the world of two wheels, Jorge Lorenzo faces new challenges in the world of four wheels. And here meets his desire to return to the game with the spirit of Prima Ascicurazioni, always oriented on the move and the search for other goals to achieve. “I am proud to have Prima Assicurazioni by my side, a company that is at the fore in the innovation race and is advancing very quickly in the insurance sector” – Jorge Lorenzo

Sports, engines and more

Prima’s sports-related sponsorship doesn’t stop at the world of motors: Prima supports the Buffy Foundation, a non-profit organization created in memory of Andrea Buffy, the prematurely young entrepreneur and creator of the Center of Gravity Acrobatic Sports.

Prima’s commitment always aims at the realities that are most similar to them whenever they represent their own values: commitment, determination, innovation, technology, teamwork, continuous growth, reliability and robustness.

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In collaboration with Prima Ascicurazioni.