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That’s what was on the red planet

New discoveries on Mars come from NASA scientists. Thus, the theory of life on the Red Planet is gaining more and more ground.

MarsThe red planet From our solar system, it is back in the center of attention of scientists from all over the world after the recent discoveries it has madeUS space agency NASA. Research on the planet is constantly updated, as various traces have been found over the years that lead to an increasingly approved theory: there was life on Mars.
This was about three billion years ago. Today, the average temperature on Mars is minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is well below freezing. Water cannot survive on the surface in any form other than ice because the atmosphere is so thin and so cold.

Now, a new study claims that Mars once had it world ocean It is up to 300 meters (nearly 1,000 feet) deep. This was at least 4.5 billion years ago, if not more. The study in question was published by the University of Copenhagen on November 17, and has now been relaunched by NASA.

One, above all, the most followed theory at the moment. “Mars has been bombarded by ice-filled asteroids. It happened in the first 100 million years of the planet’s evolution. Another interesting aspect is that the asteroids were also carrying organic molecules that are biologically important for lifesaid the professor Martin Pizarro From the center of star and planet formation, in a press release going around the world.
Thus, the icy asteroids would not only have delivered water to the Red Planet, but would also have brought biologically important compounds like amino acids with them.

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Mars, new discoveries from NASA: Scientists search for traces of life on the red planet

He continued, “This happened during the first hundred million years of Mars. After this time, something catastrophic happened to the possibility of life on Earth. It is believed that there was a giant collision between Earth and another planet the size of Mars. The energetic collision that formed the Earth-Moon system, and at the same time It wiped out all possible life on Earth.

As a result, scientists have really strong evidence that Mars had conditions suitable for the emergence of life long before the appearance of Earth.
Is there any life on Mars?David Bowie sang in 1971. It seems the answer has finally arrived.

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