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This is the time and place to see them

This is the time and place to see them

L ‘astronomy Sometimes it can hold big surprises and open the night sky to one of those rare sights, like the wonderful one meteor stormoriginated from comet torn.

This is what will happen overnight May 30-31lovers of the night sky can have the opportunity to see Yours sincerely Ercolidi, a meteorite is poorly studied due to its low annual activity. But this time it can make an unforgettable show, not to be missed. The last time such an event occurred was in 2001 with the passage of Leonids. Unfortunately, this phenomenon was only visible from Asia, and now we are eagerly waiting to find out where to watch the show.

While many are fascinated by astronomy, not everyone knows its history tau ercolide The original comet. Here’s everything you need to know.

Falling stars in May: What is Tau Ercolidi

Soon the sky of May can open up to the splendid spectacle of a corridor tau ercolideOne meteor shower Unknown and unstudied because of its little annual activity and often non-existent. The tau ercolide stem from the breakup comet 73P / Schwasmann Washmann, which was discovered by the two scientists named after the comet in 1930, when it passed at a distance of 10 million km from the Earth: the comet already in this corridor showed a tendency to fragment. A double core has already been observed.

But since 1995, the comet began to show very intense decay activity, which led to the first cracking of its nucleus into five parts, until 2006 when the number of fragments rose to more than sixty.

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Experts believe that it is likely that the comet will completely disintegrate in the future, creating a cloud of dust and meteorites Which could lead to the formation of fortresses meteor showers yearbook Tau Ercolide.

So far there is a possibility of a swarm tau ercolide May cause meteor showers to appear again, at the moment it appears that the Earth is heading towards the debris field left by comet 73P / Schwassmann-Wachmann, but it is not known the extent of this phenomenon, a few falling stars could be witness or witnessed dozens, they present A show similar to Gemini Annuals in December.

Tau Erculide, Stardust: This is the time to see them

If it is difficult to predict what offer they will give us tau ercolideHowever, it is possible to find out the exact date when you should turn your eyes towards the sky. The meteor shower must pass the night between them May 30 and 31. A date to be specified in the calendar.

Tau Ercolide: Where do you see a shooting star?

Calculations have not yet given an unequivocal and conclusive answer as to where it will be possible to see these towering stars. These phenomena are difficult to predict, and therefore it is not yet clear whether Europe, North America or Asia will have the most luck in the timelines. The last time such an event occurred was in 2001 with the passage of Leonids.

The only sure thing is that the passage will happen, and no enthusiast of astronomy should miss it, considering that it will coincide with the new moon, the sky will be dark and the possibility of seeing flames in the sky is high.

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