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That letter from Queen Elizabeth (and what it means)

That letter from Queen Elizabeth (and what it means)

London Bridge down. The London Bridge has already “fallen”. Queen Elizabeth II of Englandwhich we have all known since our birth, It seemed almost eternal. But, now 96 years and twice as old, two days after his last institutional assignment, the inauguration of new Prime Minister Liz Truss, she is gone. Several news outlets have re-presented the photo in which the new British Prime Minister received the memo during her first official session, which was probably the most famous encrypted message in the world now.

Elizabeth II, the modern queen

Queen Elizabeth, in her 70 years on the throne, has held a record, holding the United Kingdom together in often difficult times. During the very long reign, there were 15 British Prime Ministers, 14 American Presidents, and 7 Popes. Although conservative, His Majesty was able to accept the modern worldThis allowed England to become and continue to be at the same time the guardian and source of tradition trends And the fashions that made world history: from fashion (miniskirt) to music (Sir The Beatles and Sir Elton John), from sports (tennis temples and world football: Wimbledon, Wembley) to politics (Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, etc.) according to the most common customs (pubs). English and real oases British all over the world).

Although, as sovereign, above everything and everyone, from the top of Buckingham Palace or the favorite castles of Windsor and Balmoral, Elizabeth is in the hearts of the British people, even the anti-monarchy, and managed to make itself popular even in times of crisis. As head of the Anglican Church, and therefore subject to God alone, the Queen had the humility and courage to lower her head during Lady Diana’s funeral as the coffin passed. Small gestures, sometimes approaching strict etiquette, but of great importance.

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Message to Buckingham Palace

Her MajestyEven outside the United Kingdom or the most loyal Commonwealth countries, it was certainly an institution for many. Even for the children of today, always aware of everything thanks to computers, smartphones and tablets, the real queen arouses interest, respect and wonder. And if the ruler makes himself present in some way, then the amazement and surprise are to the extreme. a few months ago My girls had written a letter and sent drawings to Buckingham Palace (The Queen’s official address is easily found on the Internet) With platinum jubilee congratulations. king A few days ago came the long-awaited answerwhich sums up the essence of this important old lady who is also able to be close to ordinary people.

Queen’s answer

4 page card. On the cover is the crowned initials E II R, signature of the king (Elizabeth II Regina: R is the Latin abbreviation for “queen” or “rex”, used by English rulers since the time of Henry I in the 12th century.). Inside is a smiling official photo with the message simply signed with the usual ‘Elizabeth R’. Finally, on the back of the ticket, a decidedly informal and perhaps even more private photo. Queen Elizabeth is pictured wearing one of her indistinguishable veils, perhaps wearing it on one of her beloved country travels. This reminds us of the more personal side of the Queen, showing the well-known and undisguised passion for horses and riding.

With gratitude for the good wishes, Elizabeth II apparently wanted to sum up her entire reign in four pages, consisting of official status but also of many private events that are hard to hide (given also her “stormy” family…). Almost goodbye, then, after 70 years of extraordinary supremacyuntil everything is handed over.

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Andrea Gibbia, September 9, 2022