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Un cappuccino con Sconcerti: quelli che copiano Guardiola senza averne i fuoriclasse

Cappuccino with Sconcerti: Those who imitate Guardiola without a champion | first page

Out of seven matches in the Cup, we have won two, lost three and drawn two. in Champions The Italians scored four points out of twelve, but it is clear that something has changed for everyone. There is no European team anymore, there is a difference between a few teams and the other teams, from which country they are. The British, who remained the old reference, lost two races of Champions Out of the four, the Germans too. in Spain The greats have persisted, but Sevillethe only one who played a direct match, and lost at home with a difficult goal against him city. The difference doesn’t seem to make the tournament you’re playing in anymore.

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It’s definitely important, but the quality that a few teams can put together is more important. If you are a different player, you play football differently. It’s not just an app issue, or a purely physical speed issue. It’s a problem with the speed at which the ball is moving. the first Guardiola Football has always taught everyone about easy, short passes. The difference is made by the heroes. In ten years, he snatched everyone from Guardiola, everyone plays well, but few have champions. So we’re all the same everywhere except for four to five teams.

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