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That Grillini insults Berlusconi. FI goes to the square: “Dissatisfaction”


Grillini has long promised to change, but a particular type of communication remains a constant precedent for pentostellate political activity. Minister Federico de Inca, Despite the organizational role he plays, he decided to perform on the hypothesis that Silvio Berlusconi and the leader of Forza Italy are elected in Collie.

“Berlusconi – The head of the Deccan said to the parliamentary reports – I think he will try to get elected, as a 5 star movement we have already announced that it will not vote for us. It does not have the power of the Guernsey. ““, Referring to Grillino, always refers to the founder of such a center As a retraced Doll ‘Ansa.

Given the decisive role and historical significance of the former Prime Minister of Italy from 1994 to the present, in terms of institutional pacification, this is a meaningless argument for alleged powerlessness. . But the positions taken Grillini In this case they have gone beyond the scope of unsubstantiated arguments.

Former Minister Danilo Toninelli, As reported Its Daily truth, Also said the following: “Berlusconi in Guerrero? A disgusting name, an outrage to Italian intelligence. Tragi wants to be head of Concepcin”. From the estimates of “power”, we go to the real insults, despite the much-talked-about language change of the Giuseppe Conte era that talked about how the 5 star movement was transformed, the pentostellated hemisphere continues to distribute. His vocabulary on an institutional key.

Anyway, Come to Italy Considerations to the sender and immediately abbreviated to return grillline offenses. Annamaria Bernini, President of the Senate, pointed outNova Agency, Also spoke about the lack of institutional opportunities based on Minister D’Inca’s announcements: “This is not the first time – Senator of Forza Italia pointed out – Minister for Relations with Parliament D’Inca is trying to go to areas he does not own and teach lessons. Sorry – National Deputy Coordinator of Fi added – These untimely undesirable, precisely because of the role they play, must maintain an equal distance representing all parliamentary committees. Elections President Berlusconi – He finished – He surpassed them all wonderfully and the arbitral tribunal has always been the people “. +

Even the senator Mauricio Caspari, Another leading lecturer at Forza Italia, commented “It is truly unsatisfactory that the Minister for Relations with Parliament, one of the various Krillini who has appeared out of nowhere, allows himself to say that Berlusconi has no authority to go to the Guernsey.” It is still: “This kind of nonsense – Continued Caspari – They are an expression of the negativity created by the absence of anything in politics. Forgive me, after sowing nonsense and once again showing that you cannot be the Minister for Parliamentary Relations. Therefore, it is up to D’Inca to ask itself the question of “power” for the position he currently holds.

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Senator Lycia Ronsulli, Again, he defined It is at least a luxury to hear the skepticism of President Berlusconi’s undeniable power by those who are part of a movement that has wiped out merit and expertise for the cry “one deserves.” Then the specification: “President Berlusconi – Continued Member of Parliament – He is a respected politician, highly respected and heard in the international arena and a political leader who can receive unparalleled support.


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