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Temperature in deciso aumento nei prossimi giorni

Temperatures will soon appear in summer with peaks of 30°C; We reveal where it will be hot »

Weather: Temperatures, soon appear summer with a peak of 30 ° C; We reveal where it’s going to be hot

Temperatures will rise sharply in the next few daysIt’s summer again! Yes, you read that right. In Next days The temperature They will splash towards top And in some regions, values ​​close to the threshold are even achieved 30 °C.

On the other hand, we are used to these frenzied attacks by now Weather forecast, ready for sudden turns or real changes. This is what will happen in the immediate future as we transition from a generally warm fall climate to a real one. Summer’s tail shot.

The reason is found in the arrival of a reformer The antithesis of the Azores From near the Atlantic it will begin to move its motor center further towards the Mare Nostrum.
His clear ambitions to win a dominant role in the Mediterranean region are already evident in this first period. Weekend In October, good weather was first favourable, however, the increase of thermometers settled in daytime values ​​was, on the whole, very pleasant.

But it will be in the beginning New week thatresistance It will move with greater mastery towards our country, and thus annihilate all the unstable North Atlantic dangers, and thus oblige Italy to leave.
So it seems clear that the first days Next week A classified Climate Increasingly MildOr more apt to say warm In some corners of the country it appears to be back in full swing Summer.

Therefore, if the threshold is not crossed, the eyes focus on the thermometers that rise to touch. 30 °C such as Sardinia, Sicily and inland to Rome in some parts of Lazio.
But the increase in temperature will also be felt in other parts of the country. We will touch in Puglia 28°C, While rising up to 25/26 °C In Emilia and a large part of the Po Valley.

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Having said that, the question automatically arises; How long can this kind of reality last? October? If everything holds up, high pressure will remain firm until at least Friday 7 and things will only start to change by the end of the week. But we will deal with this later.