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Il vescovo Pompili a Verona (frame da Telepace)

Waiting after Pombili. And the Ferryman hypothesis appears

RIETI – The style is different and not just for pronunciation. But the common point is always found, and the key word between Rieti and Verona was Pompili. Saturday was the day of the new bishop of Verona and, essentially, the official farewell to “his” Don Domenico from the city of Rite. In the Cathedral of Santa Maria Auxiliatris, which was filled to the brim, there were about 200 seats, out of a total of 900, reserved for Rites. A small invasion of clergy and fellow citizens. It was immediately déjà-vu, which brings us back to seven years ago, when the “Don Dome” parishioners arrived in Rieti from Vallepietra and their native Acuto. Departure of Monsignor Pump them up From the righty leaves different tastes in the mouth: the sweetness of many good memories connected with the city, the bitterness of a difficult legacy and a continuity that the heirs cannot take, and then a bitter fear of no longer a shortcut guide to whom to provide support in very different fields.

steps. To this day, the Rite church is empty: the Holy See is still silent and waiting for an administrator – and who knows if it is not the same Pompili as Ascoli – who will lead the diocese towards appointing a new bishop. The name that kept us waiting all summer. Meanwhile, the arena was lit up in pink for Women’s Prevention Month, and the weekend was all about the righty’s happy visits and travels. But there were many who followed from afar via telebase broadcast, flooded with loving messages. Bishop Pump them up. In the cathedral, Veronese paid great attention to the style of the church, the liturgy and the choice of hymns, and was very different from Rieti in the clergy and social stratum. After a very intense first day, a visit to the most important sanctuary for the area, a visit to the prison and the canteen for the needy, then continue with a meeting in San Geno and a walk with the young people to the Duomo. The evening continues between souvenir photos with people, righty people and company greetings with officials. Yesterday, the non-stop continuation of the “Bombili style” that does not include free breaks in the agenda, the visit of the parish Alfredo d’Adige from the morning. “A very welcome surprise, a gift,” says Alessandra. “We are a community of five parishes united on the borders between the dioceses of Verona and Vicenza. We have seen him smile, embrace with compassion the most vulnerable, and thank him for the welcome. Tonight, he will be in the stadium of Pentecost for Verona-Udinese. In short, Verona has embraced its Shepherd. On the other hand, Righti, a community of lost sheep. It is believed to be short-lived.