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Trump hasn’t forgotten his friends, commenting on the campaign trail in Italy: “How’s my man?”


Former US President Donald Trump He does not seem to have forgotten his rapport with the then Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. As he says RepublicDuring an election party, Trump was asked to comment on the Italian election campaign: “I saw, I saw. How is my boy?“The reporter, assuming at the time that we are talking about the current leader of the M5s, asks Paolo Mastroelli:” Giuseppe Yes, Giuseppe. I worked well with him and I hope he does well. In Italy, however, there will be one of the former US president’s biggest fans Matteo Salvini, will meet him at least once in Washington. But Trump explains: “I don’t know, I don’t know. But Conte is really a good man. The relationship between Conte and Trump was very cordial from the beginning during the early years of Grillino’s presidency at the Palazzo Sigi. This was proven by that tweet, which was a reason to tease Conte, in which Trump called him “Giuseppe” By the time Count I ended and the M5s-Pd had resumed with the government. Then, remember Republic, there was a lunch he hosted at the UN for leaders attending the General Assembly, at which the US president wanted to swap seats next to Conte. Last but not least, Italy’s demonstrated cooperation with the Trump administration Russiagate. During that time, the Attorney General was allowed to visit the judiciary twice William Barr He tried to investigate in Rome.

Twitter | Donald Trump tweets endorsement of Giuseppe Conte with popular spelling “Giuseppi”.

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