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Temperatures are about to drop by up to 15°C, let’s see where and when

Temperatures are about to drop by up to 15°C, let’s see where and when

Temperatures will drop over the next few days

we are here! The abnormal heat that has enveloped us for weeks is now over and temperatures are about to drop. According to the latest updates, in the next few days temperatures may drop by up to 15 ° C compared to current values: in short, a real collapse.

After Africa’s long dominance of hurricanes, things are about to change. The reason lies in the decrease in ocean flow, which is colder and more unstable: this will actually happen early next weekend when the weather will be cold and unstable. You will pay one harassment Towards our northern regions, and then towards part of the centre.
From a purely thermal point of view, the effects will appear over time Sunday 15 October Temperatures will record their first drop, specifically in these areas.

But the turning point will come next week. from Monday 16 October, In fact, fresh air masses of oceanic origin will make their way towards our country, causing a climate context characterized by marked instability, especially in the center, and thus leading to a sharp drop in temperatures.
The greatest variations will be recorded in the north, in the interior of the center and along the coasts of the Adriatic Sea: in these sectors mercury columns may collapse, losing up to 15 °C, also due to the influence of Enhanced bora winds.
However, there will still be few differences in the south, thanks to the calmer and partly sunny climate.
Next week will continue under the banner of a completely different climate compared to the climate of the first part of October, at least in the central north, where Thus, we will move from a full summer to a purely autumn scenarioWe will feel colder, given the high temperatures we are now accustomed to.

Thermal breakdown: areas where temperatures will drop by 10/15°C are shown in dark blue and purple
However, there is nothing unusual, as we are now about to begin the second half of October; But be careful, that doesn’t mean some nice leftovers of summer won’t return, even in November. On the other hand, ongoing climate change presents us with anomalies almost without interruption.

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