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Diet, if you follow a diet without making any mistakes and do not lose weight, this serious disease may be the reason: it is better to check

Diet, if you follow a diet without making any mistakes and do not lose weight, this serious disease may be the reason: it is better to check

The person who does not lose weight Streetfoodnews

Diet, if you follow one of these diets seriously but don’t get anything you can suffer from this disease. Eyes open!

health It is the most important and precious gift we have. We must always keep this in mind. In order to feel satisfied physically and psychologically, we must first and foremost Eat healthilyDiverse, balanced and controlled. This does not mean at all, as many mistakenly think, to lock yourself in and say get hungry.

Food is necessary to live. Let’s talk about it as feed But it must also be seen as It’s my pleasure. So when we consume Snacks and main meals Let’s take some time. We chew slowly and slowly. The digestive system as well Our metabolism They will definitely thank us.

It is therefore necessary to protect yourself Moisturize constantly Drink 2 liters of water daily. If we sip up to three cups of… Green teaAnd better then MatchaIt’s just the best. Yes also to Empty and drain the herbal tea During the day and relax right before bed. And pay attention Rest for at least 8 hours a night To keep your metabolism awake.

Diet, if you follow it well and do not lose weight, then you are suffering from a disease

But without movement and Little sporting activity We will not be able to obtain satisfactory results. However, it happens to some people, as we also read in social media, that even though they do all this and follow Follow a diet without making any mistakes, They don’t even lose a single pound. This clearly works in their hearts A lot of anger and great frustrationAnd the.

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Assuming it doesn’t exist Targeted diet Valid for everyone in the same way which we need to follow and establish Some checks and tipsAnd so is our doctor Good and knowledgeable nutritionistIf we don’t get results yet, it may be because… illness.

What could be the reason for failure to lose weight?
Thyroid problems Streetfoodnews

Symptoms to watch out for

We’re talking about Hypothyroidism Who, with data and surveys in hand, It affects women more. symptoms Four are more evident than its spread. Let’s talk about General fatigueAnd also very repetitive even if we rest, as well the mom Muscles Very common. Moreover, it can also be felt so cold Although the temperatures are not cold.

Another symptom that constitutes a warning bell in this direction Skin feelingthe face first and foremost dry. Poetry Then they appear a lot breakable. Finally, the most striking fact is that this is exactly what it is We cannot lose in any way Weight. It is clear then that a definitive diagnosis must be made Good targeted tests.