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Taylor Swift is a wild phenomenon.  Christopher Nolan also praised Tour of the Ages

Taylor Swift is a wild phenomenon. Christopher Nolan also praised Tour of the Ages

Why do concert films work? Very simple: it costs much less than a concert. €20 – or rather €19.89, with Swift playing on the title of her most famous album – for a ticket. More than a movie, but much less than a concertSwift concerts in Milan start from 62.25 euros. Sure, the emotional rush, the feeling of being part of a big event, is less: but the sound quality is usually excellent, and much better than what you can hear when you’re crushed in the crowd, buried by the watts and decibels of a huge factory’s sound. Instead of always staying in the same place, You can practically move: Coldplay concert images were created using thirty cameras, drones and 360-degree footage. The audio from the stage has been remixed, and the film also includes footage that was not shown during the live event.

Among the Italians, Zucchero Fornaciari is also convinced that cinemas can be an excellent medium for his music: on October 23, 24 and 25 he was in cinemas Sugar – Fornaciari sugar, on the artistic and humanitarian path of bluesman Emily. A fascinating portrait of the musician through photographs of his recent world tour, but also through testimonies from Bono, Sting, Andrea Bocelli, Francesco De Gregorio and Francesco Guccini.

Also this year, Negramaro celebrated the twentieth anniversary of his career with a concert immortalized in the documentary Nigramaru – Returning home. Now I know how to survive Directed by Giorgio Testi, released in November.

While the concert film was on Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour – Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film He will appear for the first time on November 25 in Los Angeles, and on November 30 in London. The film will arrive in theaters on December 1 in the United States, but in the rest of the world there is no news about it yet.

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And A real phenomenon. Or we can even say, A form of marketingA way to improve profits: When you prepare for the concert, you also set up the cameras, preparing for the release in cinema and on the platform. Then, in some cases, The images that emerge are interesting, profound, and able to tell us even what the concert failed to tell us. He is also able to tell us about the light and shadow, the moments of hesitation, and the doubts that rock stars experience. Able to let us in there, behind the scenes, where we might never enter. Or make us feel stage fright. Success and failure as seen from the locker room.