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Tasse, nuovo Redditometro 2021? Cos'è e come funziona

Taxes, the new Redditometer for 2021? What is it and how does it work

head the government Mario my biker I decided to focus on activating the new radiometer. The Finance Department of the Ministry of Economy has published an advisory on its portal (it will be available until 15th July) With the categories mentioned in the decree system: within it there are the elements from which to start rebuilding the contributing capacity of taxpayers. The reference year for departure is 2016. But what is a Redditometro? he is Come It works?

Taxes, the new Redditometer for 2021? What is it and how does it work

Redditometer is a tool created to identify taxpayers who, having declared a certain income, incurred expenses of a significantly higher amount. Its attractiveness is encouraged by the fight against tax evasion

The procedure has not yet been formally implemented, but a public consultation has been launched on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance “Dedicated to the most representative consumer associations” which July 15 Neighbors will have to give their opinion on the provisions of the executive decree of Redditometro.

Among the expenses considered there are special Mutual (or rent), those relating to means (such as a car), but also those relating to medicines, for the education of children, for bills (including telephone bills), for subscriptions to Pay TV (such as Sky or dozen).

Redditometer rating (For some expenses, such as those related to food and clothing – estimates are used status. These outlays are ‘minimum’ to place themselves at the absolute poverty threshold (it will start with a 20% deviation) and consequently, the controls will only kick in if there is a deviation between declared and reconstructed income greater than this percentage”.

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Taxes, because the 2021 Redditometer is back

The intent of the decree to reinstate Redditometro (banned in 2018) is to use the data collected to track taxpayers’ income and ability contributor.

However, the tax authorities will give taxpayers the opportunity to prove otherwise. For example, to prove that the expenses were incurred thanks to Revenues Is not considered. Or, again, that the attributable expenditures have a different amount or the share of savings used for consumption formed in previous years.