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All withdrawals will be paid

All withdrawals will be paid

A real revolution for the banking sector. Criticism is scarce and reorganization is necessary.

The past few months in our country highlighted Almost a vital necessity on the part of institutions To guide The habits of Italians towards the use of ATMs and credit cards compared to the more common cash. This is obviously to reduce the risk of tax evasion. Initiatives launched in recent months, Cashback And the receipt lottery is clearly going in that direction. Reward those who use credit and debit cards compared to Cash.

Hence be affected It is the banking sector, specifically with regard to ATMs of various parties. real Revolution in progress. Soon more and more agencies will disappear and give way to simple consulting offices. Many ATMs They will close The entire policy will be reviewed. Basic commissions 0.50 cents for each withdrawal and a variable amount according to credit institutions If you withdraw from a bank not ours. However, it still seems like everything is on the high seas for now.

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counters will decrease But the costs will be higher, which is a logical consequence of a general dynamic that will gradually lead to disappearPerhaps, for most ATMs. Management costs for banks are increasing in the face of the increase in online transactions and different types of tools ATM or credit card. The result will be an increase in expenses for account holders who will go to pay Committees Higher in withdrawals.

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This can It leads to a further decrease in the circulation of cash and, consequently, an increase in operations Via debit or credit card. In short, the sector risks taking a severe blow.

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to the end 2021 A final decision is awaited by the institutions on the review of the entire sector organizational Which threatens to undermine many of the dynamics, as well as increase The costs of managing citizens’ current accounts.