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Expert answers for parents

Expert answers for parents

On the first day open to children aged 12-16 years today and tomorrow in LazioParental skepticism about the safety of prophylaxis with Serum Pfizer There is still a lot. But experts rest assured: the most common side effects are mild. While the protection, which is equivalent to about 95 percent, will allow children to return to school safely.

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What are the reactions?

The most common side effect, explained Annamaria Steano, president of the Italian Pediatric Society, is “arm pain at the deltoid muscle level. But there are also cases of mild fever.” Sometimes, adds Alberto Villani, director of the department of pediatrics and infectious diseases at the Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital in Rome, a feeling of fatigue or a slight headache may also occur. In general, there may be symptoms similar to those of the onset of a case of influenza. It lasts from 12 to 36 hours. If the pain is particularly severe, a pain reliever can be taken; If the fever exceeds 38.5 degrees, an antipyretic can be taken.”

What are the efficiency levels and how long do they guarantee?

«Efficacy – confirms Filippo Drago, member of the task force on Covid-19 of the Italian Society of Pharmacology – about 95 per cent. Remember that this vaccine is currently the strongest, even for children. On the other hand, the duration of immunization is not yet fully understood. There are actually no long-term studies. However, it is assumed that the vaccine can protect for at least a year.” Coverage is complete two weeks after the second dose. However, adequate levels of protection have been observed to counteract any infection even after the first administration.

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Who are the children who are not recommended?

“Anyone can do it peacefully – confirms Villani – in any case, before vaccination, as happens for adults, children will be subjected to some questions about their state of health. If there are very special cases, they will be checked by the vaccinator.”

Why does Germany only recommend it to weak children?

According to the Robert Koch Institute’s Immunization Committee, Pfizer is generally only recommended for children with pre-existing diseases who are at risk of severe infection. German experts believe that the clinical studies carried out so far and referred to by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are limited, as they point to a sample of just over a thousand children, monitored for a few months.

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Is there a risk of developing myocarditis?

“There have been reports of myocarditis in Israel and America – Steano recalls – but the US and European Centers for Disease Control are doing a detailed analysis to determine if there is a causal relationship. So far this has not been proven.” In fact, Villani adds, “The number of reported cases About her comparable or even lower than the general population. Reasonably, no direct link has been demonstrated at this time.

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Why should children be vaccinated too?

“It is true that children are less likely to get seriously ill from Covid disease – explains Roberto Giacomelli, Director of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology at the Hospital Bio Medico University in Rome – but let’s not forget that they can develop a somewhat specific inflammatory syndrome., the so-called Kawasaki-like, which can appear several weeks after infection from SARS-CoV-2 and can have very serious complications.” If it is true, then, that children are asymptomatic in 90% of cases, we must nevertheless protect them with vaccination from Risk of contracting this other syndrome Parents should rest assured that vaccination is safe It is essential that schools reopen next year in complete safety and thus prevent outbreaks of new diseases.