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Taiwan attends two artillery exercises – the world

Taiwan will hold large-scale live-fire exercises in the south of the island this week. Test his combat readiness In the face of the growing military threats to Beijing. This was announced by the Armed Forces of Taipei.

Participating military units include the Artillery and Infantry Command stationed at Pingtung, the Hualien Defense Command and the Island Coast Guard.

In addition, 78 domestically developed light mortars and six American-made howitzers will be used for air and sea shooting tests.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Ministry of Transport said the “ban on flying and navigation” in six of the seven regions surrounding the island, which were set off limits following the maximum military exercises requested by China, are no longer in effect today. As of noon, and so observing it People’s Liberation Army operations are coming to an end. The ban on District Seven, in waters east of Taiwan, will remain in effect until 10 a.m. local time (4 in Italy) on Monday, August 8. “Flights and departures can be resumed,” the ministry added, referring to a gradual return to normal for transportation.

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