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Summer 2023 is suddenly coming to an end!  This map shows that it will rain more than in autumn »

Summer 2023 is suddenly coming to an end! This map shows that it will rain more than in autumn »

Weather: Summer 2023 is suddenly coming to an end! This map shows that it will rain more than it does in the fall

Precipitation map for Monday, August 28awesome map. It is he who has just “come out” of the last update of the account positions and that has increased the dose compared to the already categorical forecast of the last few hours.
It is a predictive card that, if confirmed in reality, will be severely punished end of summer 2023, at least for that African summer of completely “out of range” temperatures, almost unsustainable. And it turns out that it will rain more than in the fall!

We show the respective map above and it is symbolic: related to it Rainfall scheduled for today Monday 28 Augustas a result of the impact that will take place from the second part of the massive weekend Hurricane Popiah: look at the colors.
in areas in red is expected From 70 to 100 mm of rain in 24 hours (equivalent to 70-100 liters per square metre!): the area in question is North Westespecially Piedmontbut also Valle d’Aosta, Liguria and the western part of Lombardy; We can even see some colored areas in it dark purple (Lower Piedmont, Liguria). And here is the danger torrents They will be high: they can actually fall as high as 150 mm Rain in 24 hours!
The precipitation, as shown by the map, will also affect the rest of the North, Sardinia and Tuscany, and more regularly, also the rest of the Tyrrhenian sectors of our country.

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Not just rain: The danger, especially at the beginning of next week, will represent him praises.
After a fire like the one caused by African anti-cyclone Nero, the danger is actually having to deal with severe storms.
These two phenomena, extreme heat and thunderstorms, seem separate, but they are in fact much more united than one might imagine.
According to a recent study that examined data on climatic development in southern Europe, including the Mediterranean basin as well, it was found that from 1979 until today The potential energy involved increased (robe) Able to provoke dangerous and sudden thunderstorms. The reasons for this increase must be sought precisely in the increasingly invasive presence of the African anticyclone which is causing an increase in average temperatures and, therefore, Increased evaporation of sea water which then translates to fuel for severe weather events.
All this leads to an increase convective precipitation (Thunderstorms) with severe risk of hail and storms.
The map below shows thermal breakage (as a percentage) pending Monday 28 August: look at colors close to full size (reddish And Viola): North West And Tuscany First of all, here the potential energy will be very high.Thermal break expected for Monday, August 28: Severe thunderstorm riskThermal break expected for Monday, August 28: Severe thunderstorm riskIt is evidently not possible to predict the location of the hail, let alone over such a long distance of time; but, We can warn of the possibility of an eventwhich is associated with Hurricane POPPEA, which is worth following step by step, with great interest.