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How to lose weight and slim your belly fast after 40 with two simple exercises for beginners to do at home

How to lose weight and slim your belly fast after 40 with two simple exercises for beginners to do at home

After the age of 40, exercise plays a more important role. It is able to compensate for all that series of physical changes and hormonal changes that inevitably come with menopause approaching. In this period of our lives, even moods are fickle. Physical movement, in this case, has the power to relax the muscles and mind.

Obviously, it must be emphasized that to understand how to lose weight and reduce your stomach, you cannot adopt the same solution for everyone.

However, there are good general rules and targeted exercises that can be adapted to each individual’s needs.

Let’s start with some basic rules

Basically, a healthy smoke-free diet, along with an active mental and physical life, is the successful strategy for losing weight and living healthy.

Then there are 3 rules to remember for those who intend to lose weight, but also for those who simply want to improve their lifestyle:

  • Do not miss breakfast;
  • Don’t be late with lunch
  • Do not eat dinner after 8 pm.

According to experts, a balanced diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, is ideal for reducing the risk of weight gain in menopause. It is suggested to bring a delicious and cholesterol-free dish to the table This easy and light recipe. With 2 delicious seasonal ingredients.

The guidelines we mentioned were also confirmed by the Veronesi Foundation doctors who have developed a series of Practical advice To lose weight at 50.

In particular, today we will see how to lose weight and slim your stomach quickly after 40 with two simple exercises for beginners to do at home.

In the opinion of many specialists, the two will be the tricks aimed at getting a flat stomach and shedding a few extra pounds.

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We are talking about aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening.

For aerobic exercise, simply walk, jog or bike for 10 minutes a day. For those who do not have the opportunity to leave the house, we suggest riding right away, or buying an exercise bike.

Also recommended This walk is ideal for those with back pain It protects bones, muscles and joints at any age.

To improve your abs, you will need to strengthen your muscles. Be careful, because the most common mistake is to focus only on the belly belt.

This habit may be wrong because it may increase the thickness of the abdomen instead of reducing it. So it is better to work on the whole body.

Among the recommended exercises, we find resistance and isometric exercises. The classic plank exercise, for example, strengthens several muscles together.

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