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“Strong bad weather and cold in northern Italy”

“Strong bad weather and cold in northern Italy”

Strong bad weather arrives in northern Italy: Estofix Center The European Storm Forecasting Experiment has issued a new warning Warn weather forecastValid from 8am today Tuesday 12 September Until 8 tomorrow Wednesday 13 September. In the details: A Level 2 It was released all over the world Spain Mainly eastern due to large to very large hailstones, strong winds and heavy rain. a Level 1 It was released all over the worldAlgeria it is in Balearic SeaEspecially due to large to very large hailstones, strong winds and heavy rain. a Level 1 It has been issued for northern Spain and south-central France, mainly due to heavy rain. a Level 1 A collection is planned ranging from France Northwest across Belgium Southern, Luxembourgthe Germany North up Poland Mainly northwesterly due to strong winds, large hail and heavy rains. to Northern ItalylAlpine arch Specifically, A Level 1 Especially in the case of heavy rain and to a lesser extent in the case of large hail. a Level 1 This was expected to cover all of Finland mainly due to strong winds and tornadoes.

ESTOFEX weather alert, details

Most of the storm activity across Europe will be associated with a cold front extending from France through northern Germany and southern Sweden into Finland and a trough moving from Spain toward southern France during the forecast period, as shown in Estofix Bulletin.

As for eastern Spain, several supercells capable of producing large to very large hailstones, isolated strong winds and heavy rain are expected. Even if the models do not agree, they are certain: strong and organized convective storms may continue until the night and morning hours over the Balearic Sea, heading towards southern France and Corsica.

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In the north and north/west (northern Spain, southern France and central France) there will be scattered or widespread rainfall with several storms already in the early hours of the morning.

The anticyclone weakens under the pressure of new Atlantic currents. Marginal parts of the Atlantic disturbance that will flow beyond the Alps will be affected Northern ItalyWhich led to increased instability.

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