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Kosovo: Vucic expects difficult talks with Kurti – Politics

Kosovo: Vucic expects difficult talks with Kurti – Politics

Ansamed – September 11 – Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that he expects difficult talks at the next meeting on September 14 in Brussels with Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti and that he does not expect anything good. Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Vucic said, “This is not because we are talking with Albin Kurti but because we are doing so with representatives of Brussels, who you know everything they say is in some way in support of Kosovo’s independence.” On the sidelines of the regional summit of the Brdo Brijuni Initiative, held today in Skopje.

He added that Serbia remains committed to resolving problems through dialogue and negotiations. The Serbian President then referred to what was stated in recent days by European Council President Charles Michel, who indicated that 2030 is the deadline for all Western Balkan countries to join the European Union. Vucic said, “It is a good wish, but who am I to destroy the optimism and ambitions of others? It is okay if that is the case, but I am not sure,” noting that in today’s meeting in Skopje there were no tangible results. decisions. The Serbian president said: “When we talk to each other it is always positive, but what can Croatia and Slovenia do other than talk about it in Berlin and Paris. They want to help us, we thank them, that’s all.”

Croatia and Slovenia, represented in Skopje by their presidents Zoran Milanović and Natasa Burke Musar, were promoters of the Brod-Brjuni initiative in 2010 aimed at promoting the resolution of the numerous bilateral disputes that persist in the region, and accelerating the integration process. From other Western Balkan countries in the European Union.

The two countries are the only countries in the region that have joined the European Union, as well as the Eurozone and the Schengen Area.

In his response to journalists, Vucic then referred to the sanctions imposed on Russia, which Belgrade refuses to join.

“With regard to sanctions, we decide for ourselves which country is sovereign, and in this we differ from Pristina, not on the question of Russia and Ukraine or anything else, but who is a sovereign country and who is not, and will never be.” He announced. The meeting in Skopje, along with the presidents of North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, is attended by the leaders of Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANSA).

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