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"Strong alliance between Italy and the United States"

“Strong alliance between Italy and the United States”

AGI – “It is a pleasure to be in Italy to underline the importance of Atlantic unity and strong US-Italy relations.”. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan, who had already met with Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo at a luncheon, wrote it on his Twitter profile when he landed in Rome after his trip to France.

“I can not wait to meet my colleagues,” recalled Italy on social media as “co-chair of the Global Alliance to Defeat ISIS”, which will meet at the cabinet level tomorrow. G20 meeting of foreign ministers to be held on Tuesday in Matara.

“Starting in three days, it will transform our country through a crossroads of important decisions on a global scale.”
Foreign Minister Luigi de Mio wrote on Facebook. “About 100 international delegates will attend the planned events, with ministers and organizations operating around the world,” De Mio underlined.

“We begin in Italy for the first time in the cabinet of the anti-Dash coalition led by the United States: Focusing on the fight against terrorism is essential to preventing attacks and disorganized immigration.


The agenda of US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen, who is in Italy for the last leg of his European tour, is busy. Tomorrow, with US Secretary of State Luigi de Mayo, the head of US diplomacy will preside over the full ministerial meeting of the anti-Dash coalition, which has been organized in full form for the first time in more than two years since the last appointment. On the one hand, he will attend a cabinet meeting on Syria to discuss the country’s crisis, and reiterate the importance of adequately responding to humanitarian needs.

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Blinken and Lapid, May 2021

Tomorrow will also be the turning point of the Vatican’s visit, where he will be welcomed by Pope Francis; The State Department said it was an opportunity to underline the common commitment to faith and religious freedom and to tackle the climate crisis. The meeting with President Sergio Mattarella will be held tomorrow in Guerrero and tomorrow in Palazzo Cici with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. On Tuesday, Blinken will travel to Madeira for the G20 foreign minister, which will reflect on issues on the agenda ranging from pro-diversity to the fight against the Govt epidemic, to the climate crisis.

“Glad to be in Italy to underline the importance of Atlantic unity and strong US-Italy relations,” Blinken tweeted, now in Rome. Considering the many meetings they both have in the coming days, they already have a lunch with the head of Furnessina. “I am pleased to meet with Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo.

At the Roman appointments, he also had a face-to-face meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Jair Lapid, the first of the two in this capacity. Central issues they discussed included talks on reopening Iran and the international nuclear deal. In the agreement signed in Vienna, Lobid expressed “serious reservations” but affirmed a joint approach with Washington, “mistakes have been made in recent years and we will fix them together.”