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Vaccine, Andrea Scanci – Chronicle requested

Arezzo’s lawyer calls for the dismissal of the vaccination case against Arezzo journalist Andrea Scanzi, an event in March for which he was criticized for ‘avoiding the fort’. According to attorney Marco Dioni, Scansey was not enrolled in any vaccine at the time, so he has no right to expect administration. However, from a legal-legal point of view, there is no offense in the conduct of the journalist to the power of attorney. Correction of the offense of abuse of office, a hypothesis on which the prosecutor worked, did not construct this criminal case.

If there was to be an offense of abusing the office in Sconce’s conduct, it was again explained to Arezzo’s attorney that the violation must be a law or regulation, which did not happen to attorney Dion in this chapter. Therefore, underline by the attorney that although the gesture is ethically reprehensible by some, in a judicial view it is not a criminal offense. On March 22, Scanzi posted on social media that he had been vaccinated as a ‘reservationist’ and as a parent’s family caregiver. “I played on the vaccination bench,” he said, instantly sparking controversy. The lawyer for Arezzo, the city where he was vaccinated, opened a file. In recent months, key leaders in the ASL service have been asked. Archive request now.

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