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Storms and heatwaves, note Tuesday - Libero Codidiano

Storms and heatwaves, note Tuesday – Libero Codidiano

Weather that does not give any respite. After the great heat, the African tide, with over 40 peaks in many parts of Italy (all experienced by torrential hail), comes here. “The first break of summer“, As experts 3B Meteo. What is it about? Said soon: Let’s wait next week Storms and heat wave. The weekend will be sunny, but a hurricane will hit the Alps, Preleps and the high plains on Saturday night, with the rest of the events in the Far Northeast on Sunday, “the meteorologist explains. Eterdo Ferrara. “Absolute stability elsewhere with full summer heat but without a certain amount”.

“Summer 2021 will have its first severe downpour next week. Italy will be reached by a new vortex descending from the North Atlantic – Ferrara continues – this time not only in the north, but also with severe thunderstorms this time around. There will also be progressive engagement of the Central Regions starting from Tuscany on Tuesday. Between Wednesday and Friday, scattered showers and thundershowers will occur in other parts of the center of the instability and in the south from time to time, as well as in the northern regions. Attention: The presence of hot and humid winds and the tense entry of the vortex can trigger violent storms domestically with a shower, large hail and sudden strong winds, ”the expert noted.

“The The African heat will create a new fast race in Italy on Monday, Especially in Centrosut we can cross the 35-37 of C peaks again. Since Tuesday, the temperature drop has also been marked from the north and then extended to the center, with the African heat wave in the south expected to subside only by Wednesday. Temperatures can drop below 8-10 over C, with a general refresh, especially at Centronart “, concludes the 3BMeteo team.

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