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Haiti, Joseph Lambert is the new interim leader.  Yusa: "We are sending FBI investigators into the country."

Haiti, Joseph Lambert is the new interim leader. Yusa: “We are sending FBI investigators into the country.”

Investigations are underway to understand its purpose and impulsesAssassination of the President of Haiti Joanel Moyes, Was killed at his home on July 7 a Armed Commando Created by Colombian elements and two American citizens of Haitian descent, Joseph Lambert, President of the Senate Haiti, As elected by Members of Parliament Interim President Of the country.

To announce the decision of the upper house of Port O Prince In Lamberde, eight of the ten senators still seated in the House voted for him, with thirty seats, and two voted “only because they were not in the country.” With the cancellation of the October 2019 general election the orders of most Haitian lawmakers expired in January 2020 and their seats were vacant and such a small number of voters have joined. For example. Lambert expressed his opinion anyway “Polite thanks” To the political institutions that supported him and expressed their willingness to support someone Democratic change of power In the country.

Situation Primary advertising medieval: Neurosurgeon Ariel Henry, Appointed by Moiz, was due to be sworn in on Wednesday, but did not do so because of an ambush aimed at the president. There is Claude Joseph, The former interim prime minister who succeeded the foreign minister and Henry, has in fact offered himself the post of acting head of the interim government, has given speeches in recent days, maintained contacts with other countries, and signed orders.

In the meantime United States They are a commitment Support From the point of view of the Haitian government Investigation, But did not confirm that they would be dispatched on the spot Army, As requested by Port-au-Prince instead. Both Pentagon That US State Department In fact, they announced that they would be sent to that place FBI agents And other intelligence experts and have received requests for “assistance in security and investigations.” Even the White House spokesman, Jen Saki, Has already confirmed that high-level FBI personnel and other officers will be dispatched to the scene soon. For United Nations, The other recipient of the Haitian request to send troops, has yet to receive any response. A diplomatic source of consultation France Press However, he noted that it is necessary to authorize a specific movement to meet the demand.

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