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Stellantis: Battery Technology Center established in Mirafiori, with an investment of $40 million

Stellantis: Battery Technology Center established in Mirafiori, with an investment of $40 million

Stellantis opens its first battery technology center in Turin. Stellantis invested 40 million euros in the innovative project. Built in the Mirafiori Industrial Park, it will allow for the testing and development of battery packs for electric cars that will power future products in the Stellantis range. Another similar center will be established in Canada.

The innovative center increases Stellantis’ ability to design, develop and test battery packs, modules, high-voltage cells and software that will power future Stellantis brand vehicles. More than 100 technicians will work at the Mirafiori Battery Technology Center, most of them specialized workers from Stellantis, who will conduct and supervise climate stress tests, life cycle tests, and develop and calibrate software for battery management systems. Disassemble packages and cells for analysis and performance measurement.

Stellantis opens battery technology center in Turin

Stellantis also operates its North American Battery Technology Center in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, as part of a global battery development and manufacturing network spanning six giant factories.

“We find ourselves with a unique opportunity to redefine mobility by delivering smart, sustainable solutions – the new Battery Technology Center in Mirafiori brings together the tools in one place and the talented people needed,” said Ned Couric, Chief Engineering and Technology Officer at Stellantis. To develop, test, validate and produce high quality products that meet our customers’ needs with shorter lead times for premium electric vehicles around the world. He added: “The opening of the Battery Technology Center strengthens Stellantis’ presence in Italy and its commitment to Italian employees. Our commitment, in fact, is not only to electrification, but also to Mirafiori. We have a clear strategy for the next ten years, there is a lot of work to do but we are ready to continue this journey for new mobility. “We dare to innovate and affirm our commitment to investing in research.”

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The heart of the Mirafiori Battery Technology Center consists of 32 climate chambers – 24 large chambers for testing battery packs and 8 chambers for performing cell testing. Within the 24 rooms, it is possible to control environmental conditions by regulating humidity and temperature in a range from -40 to 60°C with a maximum change of up to 20° per minute. The center is capable of testing up to 47 battery packs in parallel. The center’s power system is designed for future expansion and can handle up to 1.2 kV and 2.2 MW per test cell. In the eight cell chambers, it is possible to test up to 96 items in parallel.

This part of the Technology Center will be specifically dedicated to studying new chemical structures and behavioral properties of cells for future development. As part of its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, Stellantis announced its goal of achieving a 100% BEV sales mix in Europe and 50% battery-powered passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the US by 2030. To achieve these business goals, the company is working Securing approximately 400 GWh of battery capacity, to be supported by six battery manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe. Stellantis is working to become a carbon neutral company across the board by 2038, with single-digit offsets for remaining emissions.