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Is it possible to extend until 2024?  Here are the basic conditions

Is it possible to extend until 2024? Here are the basic conditions

The future of the 110% super bonus includes the assumption of an extension to 2024 and the basic conditions for reaching it. Controversy and political reactions related to program costs. Seize the opportunity in 2023 before the rules change and take advantage of the tax benefits for renovations and energy rehabilitation.

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the Super Bonus 110% It has been one of the main topics of discussion in the Italian panorama, presenting great importance Tax exemption to Renovation and energy rehabilitation works.

Suppose it was a controversial tax incentive, and it is still unresolved, after the real chaos in transferring the credits, in addition to the huge hole it left in the state’s coffers.

But now its future has become the subject of new speculation, with the possibility of that happening An extension that could extend until 2024 Albeit with some well-defined conditions.

Superbonus 110%: basic conditions for the rollover

110% Super Bonus: Is it possible to extend it until 2024?  Here are the basic conditions
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one of Main terms To be able to benefit from the super bonus extended until 2024 Work progress. This criterion will be key to determining who will be able to benefit from the full tax deduction also in 2024. An extension seems to be becoming increasingly likely. Considering that Many construction sites are accumulating delays. The real risk is that owners will have to cover the additional costs themselves.

Super bonus in 2024; Who has the right to that?

but Who is eligible to benefit from the super bonus in 2024? The original expiration date of The super bonus is set at 110% on December 31, 2023but only for those who have made their decisions by November 2022. As of January 1, 2024the The maximum discount on residential units was reduced to 70%.This makes the possibility of extending the terms urgent in order to make the most of the incentive.

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Potential limitations

However, Government He has one in mind Extension with specific restrictionsThis is similar to what was done for villas in the comprehensive decree that extended the deadlines from September 30 to December 31 of the same year. This means that Not all residential units You will be able to take advantage of the extension, however Only those who meet certain requirements.

The super bonus of 110% has attracted mixed reactions Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti Who expressed concerns about its effects on public finances and economic policy. The main problem, according to many political leaders, is the program’s costs. It was initially planned in €36.6 billion for the super bonus And 5.9 billion to reward the interfaceThese costs increased to 61.2 and 19 billion by NADEF 2022.

Super bonus extension until 2024: Is it worth taking advantage of?

Despite concerns about cost, The future of this incentive remains cloudy. All this, while the government is trying to achieve balance Building sustainability goals With the financial needs of the country. It is therefore advisable to seize the opportunity of this potential extension before this important benefit disappears completely. You should also carefully review the bonuses currently in effect for 2023 before they expire and miss this opportunity.

Superbonus 110% possible extension until 2024: photos and images