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Stellantis, a historical revolution: A complete change in direction, fans were stunned by this choice

Stellantis, a historical revolution: A complete change in direction, fans were stunned by this choice

Stellantis is the holding company for fourteen major car brands including Alfa Romeo, FIAT and Peugeot /

The holding company’s decision could change everything, and fans are already discussing it: here’s what happened.

News has arrived that could change the world of four wheels forever. She is the one who participates Stellantisthe brand headquartered and controlled in the Netherlands Fourteen car brands Including larger cars (such as Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Jeep, Lancia but also many others).

For Stellantis, it is time to look to the future and make a definitive push into the electricity sector. On the other hand, its results in this sector are truly exceptional: just think of property in Europe It outperformed Tesla It is now second only to Volkswagen in terms of registrations.

An important result for Stellantis to strive for By 2030, it aims to sell only electric cars In Europe he has now announced some very important news.

The casting of Stellantis divides fans: This is a decision that was made

Stellantis Group is ready to expand both in terms of the skills of its employees and in terms of results. Today a new center is born in the Mirafiori area, SustainableBlack, a circular economic center that will be a developed center for all of Europe. The company’s senior management, including the president, participated in its opening John Alcan and CEO Carlos Tavares.

This will be a turning point for Stellantis, which aims to produce an ever-increasing number of… zero emission cars, Focusing everything on electrification (it announced that it wants to end the production of cars with combustion engines by 2030).

Stellantis CEO, Carlos Tavares /

A new center for Stellantis productions and the 4R philosophy

With the new Turin hub, Stellantis is ready to launch itself once and for all into the electricity sector and will do so through… 73,000 square meters Where zero-emission cars are produced. On the other hand, the company’s philosophy has always been environmental sustainability and is characterized by 4 Rs namely Renew, repair, reuse and recycle. The goal: reduce the environmental impact of your cars and waste nothing.

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Obviously, not much money could be invested to achieve such an important goal: the holding company led by John Elkann would have invested approximately 40 million euros To build it. All that remains to be seen is whether the company will be able to overtake Volkswagen in selling electric cars.