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Maneuver: more aid to families, zero value-added tax on milk and bread – policy

Reducing or eliminating value-added tax on bread, milk, pasta and baby products. But also cut the wedge with three points instead of two points and 103 share pensions. These are the new measures that could be included in the maneuver, according to what appeared during the government meeting. The hypothesis of a tax shelter for the return of capital from abroad is no longer in sight, while the intervention in tax breaks until 2015 is confirmed: the package has not yet been decided, but the possibility remains for amounts less than a thousand euros. will be an excerpt. Alternatively there may be a reduced payment. For higher amounts, penalties and interest are reduced to 5%. Energy remains the chapter that drains the largest part of the resources, with more than 21 billion of the total resources allocated to it should be about 30. With a motto that proves decisive in choosing what to add and what to remove: “caution” in view of the budget law that However, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also wants to support families, through measures for a billion people, and relief for the most vulnerable. The maneuvering approach is “wise” as repeated by the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, who appealed to the political forces: “I am confident that they will responsibly support this approach.” The minister emphasized that the priority is to support weaker groups and businesses, also announcing a larger cut in the wedge than expected so far (three percentage points) and an increase in tax credit thresholds from 30 to 35%. The government wants to hurry, and has pledged to present the maneuver to the Cabinet on Monday (but it is not excluded that it will go on Tuesday). To pull the strings, the prime minister brought together the leaders of the majority groups, the deputy prime ministers and the economy minister, Giancarlo Giorgetti, in the evening (who had already discussed the dossier with Salvini in the morning). A summit that came at the end of a whirlwind of meetings for the prime minister, who spent the day in the hall engaging in equally hot topics, from immigrants to self-rule. Meanwhile, the Head of State this evening signed the Fourth Aid Decree, which could then be published in the Official Gazette more than a week after its launch in the CDM. The discussion of the gambit would have brought to the fore the essence of the offshore capital repatriation tax shield: a stop-gap measure in which tools to take out undeclared capital are contemplated. There is another stumbling block related to pensions, for which Forza Italia is pressing for a minimum: money (it would be 2 billion), “is there”, assures the parent company of Montestorio Cattaneo. The package of measures for families is also rich. Starting with the reduction or abolition of VAT on bread, pasta and milk (currently for only one year); Instead, the tax will drop to 5% on baby products and sanitary napkins. More large family allowances are also envisaged for those with more than 4 children or twins. On the pensions front, to beat Fornero, the aim is the “103 quota” (41 years of contributions and 62 years), as well as the extension of the Ape sociale and Women’s Option. The flat tax will be extended (the minimum rises from 65 to 85 thousand euros and the “extra” tax on income from the previous three years arrives), but only for self-employed people, while for employees there is a move towards a reduction in taxes on productivity bonuses. There is also the hypothesis of a tax on home delivery to encourage local commerce. And if the revision of citizenship income (emphasizing that it is limited to residents of Italy) will ensure that the pension file is covered, other resources are expected from the rearrangement of additional earnings, with a calculation based on profits and taxes raised to at least 33%.

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