Monday, July 22, 2024

Steam Deck Check how many games in your library are compatible with Proton –


If you are going to buy steam surface, but only after checking out Compatibility of your nicknames Library With the new PC operating system hybrid to a console (SteamOS 3.0), know that there is a useful tool, completely free, to do just that.

he is called ProtonDB It collects information related to playing games using الألعاب proton, a technology that allows Windows programs to run on Linux.

you can use ProtonDB Basically in two ways: by searching for games you care about compatibility, or by connecting your games to the service Steam account (Who should have the public profile). The second mode is the most practical for obtaining more accurate information about the entire library.

Reading the Protondb info is really very simple. Games are classified as: Broken, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Broken games are those that don’t start at all, Bronze games start but have crashes and many problems, Silver games run with dignity but still show uncertainty, while Gold and Platinum games are perfectly playable.

Proton is a new tool released by Valve Software that is integrated with Steam Play to allow you to play Windows games on Linux by simply pressing the Play button on Steam. Behind the scenes, Proton includes popular tools like Wine and DXVK along with others that the user could have installed and maintained. This reduces the burden of switching to Linux for many users by preventing them from knowing details about how it works or losing access to a large portion of their library. Proton is still taking its first steps, so the support is weak but it is constantly improving.


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