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Stealing in the British Museum, the employee risks his job.  What was stolen

Stealing in the British Museum, the employee risks his job. What was stolen

He worked for 35 years at the British Museum and now risks being fired. An employee of the famous Museum of London has been accused of stealing valuable artifacts and reselling some of them on the Internet. Jewelry and gems from the 15th to 19th centuries and glassware from 1500 BC. The investigation began when a gemologist noticed that some sites were selling what appeared to be priceless finds. And so Scotland Yard was warned. Meanwhile, the British Museum has noted that some pieces have disappeared from the warehouses. This is how the mysterious thefts were reconstructed, and the prime suspect was kept under control, unknowingly, by police and security staff at the British Museum to collect evidence. Now that the disloyal worker has been found, the museum has launched proceedings and launched an independent security review of the items withheld, to see if anyone else is missing or damaged.

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Investigations are also under way by the Economic Crimes Command of the Met Police in London. Most of the missing items were small pieces stored in one of the museum’s collections. None of them have been on public display recently and have been kept primarily for academic and research purposes. “We were deeply concerned when we learned earlier this year that some of the pieces in the collection had been stolen,” said George Osborne, head of the British Museum. “We have called the police, put in place emergency measures to increase security, carried out extensive inspections of what happened and used all the disciplinary powers available to us to deal with the individual we hold responsible. Our priorities are: recovering the stolen items, finding out what could have been done to prevent it; You have a plan to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

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“The museum apologizes for what happened, and now we are determined to make things right,” says Hartwig Fischer, director of the institute. “We are working with outside experts to complete a definitive account of what is missing.” The review of the retained collections is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The British Museum has witnessed thefts before. In the 1970s, Roman coins and a series of medals disappeared. New 1993 breakaway. Again to steal old coins.